Howto: Choose the right Windows 10

I hope this chapter helps you in making the best choice(s) for your organisation.

Which Edition?
One choice is about which edition to choose (Home, Pro, Enterprise or Education) version that fits best for your environment. the folowing table can help you in making the choice.

Check all features on the folowing Microsoft Website

32 or 64 bits?
In virtual environments the general recommendation is to use 64 bits.

Which Service Branch?:
It’s important to determine which service branch is going to be used in your environment. Microsoft recommends that business critical systems should opt for the Long Term Servicing Branch (LTSB), while day-to-day devices should probably use Current Branch for Business (CBB). More important to consider is the possibility to defer updates on these branches compared to the Current Branch (CB) servicing option. Windows 10 will give enterprises less time to implement new features, which will likely impact companies’ change procedures, and selecting the right service branch will be an important part of managing these changes over time.
User experience is of course top priority for every company migrating to a new OS. Therefore, it is crucial to have a Pilot/route to life plan in place which clearly addresses issues in the migration process in an early stage.

The following table provides an overview of the planning implications of the three Windows 10 servicing options so that organizations can be well informed before they start a Windows 10 deployment project.

Receive feature upgrades immediately after Microsoft makes them available publicly, so that users gain access to new features, experiences, and functionality as soon as possible. For more information, see immediate feature upgrade installation with CB servicing.

Defer receiving feature upgrades for a period of approximately four months after Microsoft makes them available publicly, to provide IT administrators with time to perform pre-deployment testing and provide feature upgrades releases with additional time-in-market to mature. For more information, see deferred feature upgrade installation with CBB servicing.

Receive only servicing updates for the duration of their Windows 10 deployment to reduce the number of non-essential changes made to the device. For more information, see Install servicing updates only by using LTSB servicing.

The breakout of a company’s devices by the categories above is likely to vary significantly by industry and other factors. What is most important is that companies can decide what works best for them and can choose different options for different devices.

Manage Start Screen Tiles?:
Start layout control is supported in Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Education. Start layout control is not supported in Windows 10 Pro.
Source: httpss://

Note: RES ONE Workspace uses the Microsoft Start Layout Group Policy to manage and deliver Tiles on the Microsoft Windows 10 Start Screen and wil not be able to manage the tiles on Windows 10 Pro.

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