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Howto: Deploy Windows 10 using Microsoft MDT & WDS;

This chapter shows how to setup Microsoft Deployment Kit and Windows Deployment Server. First we start installing Windows Deployment Server:

Open the WDS Management Console, right click on the Server and choose Configure Server.

Ad the folowing options to your DHCP scope:

Option Value
66 The Hostname or IP adres from the WDS Server
67 boot\x64\wdsnbp.com

Then we download and install MDT (in my case 2013) on the same Server

Mount your Windows 10 ISO file and browse to the DVD.

Because we use RES ONE Automation Manager we configure the RES ONE Automation Manager Agent.
Example for the Quiet install Command:
Msiexec /i "RES-AM-Agent-x.x.x.x.msi" SITELICENSE="RES-519E-03D1-FCBA-434A-80FF-88F8-FD8D-2F04" INVOKEPROJECT="{301620AE-B250-2B87-AA02-01B6224E1F83}" /qn

TIP: The ‘INVOKEPROJECT‘ parameter can also be used for invoking a runbook, Just by filling in the Runbook GUID.

We inject VMware Tools drivers for instance to use the network in the Virtual Machine.

Open Windows Deployment Services Management Console and add the PXE boot image.


If you would like to make your Windows deployment Zero touch then follow these instructions:

  • Download these files (fill in the required information) and place them in your deployment share location.


























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